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Air Compressors for Every Type of Industrial Need
February 02, 2017


Air Compressors for Every Type of Industrial Need

Industrial air compressors are an important source of power for various factory and industrial applications. These machines come in either a reciprocating piston design or rotary screw design, each with its own set of benefits depending on your need. Both designs have different processes but similar results.

How do these differing industrial air compressors work?

Reciprocating piston design. This popular type of industrial air compressor is available in one-stage and two-stage designs. The compression process of the air is powered with electricity. Key parts here include a piston, connecting rod, valve head, cylinder and crankshaft. The valve head brings in air by a descending movement of the piston in the cylinder. When the piston ascends, the air is compressed. This increases the pressure and thus the discharge valve is forced to open, allowing the air to move to the tank. Extra pressure is built up in the tank on every stroke until the capacity is reached, triggering the pressure switch to shut off the motor. Two-stage industrial air compressors operate in very much the same way, but with the noted addition of a second cylinder in order to create even greater pressure.

Rotary screw design. Rotary screw compressors are designed to run constantly and produce huge amounts of pressurized air. The compression originates from two counter rotating screws. Air is drawn into the machine and passes through an inlet air filter. It then travels through the inner workings of the air compressor to get to the compression chamber. The air/oil separator tank has a built-in filter that successfully separates the two elements—the oil exits from the tank to be used again, while the air travels through a cooler.

Air Energy has a wide range of industrial air compressors to choose from. Our air compressors are durable, cost effective and energy friendly. Our excellent selection means that you will find the perfect compressor to suit your industrial needs. 

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