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Quincy Air Compressors
How the QR-25 Quincy Air Compressors are a Step Up
July 04, 2017

Quincy air compressors are a brand of industrial air compressors. These air compressors utilize a positive displacement system that operates using a crankshaft-driven piston and cylinder in order to compress air.  The piston is lubricated internally, allowing for smooth operation without any glitches.


What Makes Quincy Air Compressors Unique?

One of the main features that separate Quincy air compressors from other market brands is the use of a high-quality single-stage reciprocating piston compressor. It works using the intake of air into a cylinder which is compressed to about 120psi (pounds per square inch). After compression, the air is stored in an airtight tank.


The QR-25: Quincy’s Top Performer

The top of the line amongst the Quincy air compressors is the QR-25. This is the company’s top heavy-duty, industrial grade air compressor. Like all Quincy air compressors, it uses a lubricated air piston and cylinder system. The motor used to drive the piston is rated for up to 25hp or horsepower. This model has the option of either a single stage piston system or a two stage piston system. The two stage piston system of Quincy air compressors utilizes a smaller piston to drive the initially compressed air from 120 psi to a much higher 175 psi.


Low-speed, High-capacity Compression

Another feature of this model of Quincy air compressors is that the piston can run at a lower speed without sacrificing compressing capacity. This alongside the cast iron body ensures a longer service capacity as well as easier maintenance. The QR-25 can operate without a load when starting and features oil pump that can be manually reversed for easier cleaning and loading. 


These features, especially the reliable piston compression system, clearly make Quincy air compressors amongst the market leaders in this industry. The QR-25 is, in fact, just a single example of the high-efficiency range on offer at Air Energy for Quincy compressor units. 

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