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Renting First? Make Sure to Choose a Great Industrial Air Compressor Rental
Renting First? Make Sure to Choose a Great Industrial Air Compressor Rental
December 04, 2017

Renting an air compressor is the best way to address your temporary air compression needs. Industrial air compressor rental is also a great option if you have an existing system that requires repairs or maintenance and you don’t want to fall behind your work orders. Industrial air compressor rental machines are available in different sizes, capabilities, and mobility types. When you rent, you need to choose the model that matches your tools and the requirements for your specific projects.

Your project will require a specific industrial air compressor rental machine: be sure to get the right one!

  • Power source – Depending on whether or not you will be performing your work outdoors, or on how much portability your device will require, power source is an important consideration. Some compressors are powered by electric power sources, while others use gas to maintain pressure; electric machines tend to be more convenient for indoor applications, or when there is a nearby power source to use.
  • CFM requirements - Your rental machine should give you enough CFM to exceed the total compressed air requirements of the tools it will be powering. Compression units are available in a wide variety of power capacities, so make sure you can get the job done!
  • Tank capacity - Since our rental units are available with various tank sizes, make sure yours will be fit for your project. Larger tanks are required to efficiently power tools that require a continuous supply of compressed air, such as sandblasters.


Air Energy’s industrial rental units are designed to suit your urgent needs. Our qualified and skilled technicians will help you get the exact model that fits your project requirements. Give us a call, and you could take advantage of the quality and power of our industrial air compressor rental units today!

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