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The History of Quincy Air Compressors
November 15, 2016

Founded in 1920 by three former employees of a vacuum design company; George Gille, John Kathe and George Wall, Quincy air compressors have come a long way. It is upon realizing the market gap in the demand for more powerful air compressors in the American market that the three friends opted to start their own line of production dealing with the production and distribution of vacuum compressors. At the time, the manufacturer traded as The Wall Pump and Compressor Co. following seeding from Elation and Maculae Irwin in financial backing. At the time, the young company in its teething years founded the stint brand of Quincy air compressor lines we see today. 

By the close of 1923, the company had expanded its production line hundredfold. Stemming from his headquarter location on the Quincy’s riverfront, the company changed its name to Quincy Compressor Company. In 1924, the company expanded its bounds leading to the production of the most historic innovations of the time: reciprocating air compressors. You can also learn more about air compressor history here.

As years passed by, Quincy’s products rebranded and more specialist product series such as the QR-25 line were developed. From its humble beginnings in 1937, the QR-25 series continues to thrill the market by offering the same durability and performance capabilities as initially designed. Only minor modifications on the pressure ranges and performance outputs have since been made. Other Quincy air compressor lines have also been developed in line with today’s demands for compressed air.

After over five decades of unrivalled excellence in the industry, the company expanded its product lines to the production of rotary screw compressors and specialist vacuum pumps. By 1980, the demand for Quincy air compressors was overwhelming leading to an additional production store opening doors at Bay Minette, Alabama.  Scaled to the limits by the ever growing demand for superior products, Quincy Compressor Co. has since continued to expand is operations with the latest being in the Chinese Kunshan area in 2004.

Descending from an ancestry of successful product lines, Air Energy remains an iconic brand when it comes to the delivery of seamless performance. We are an accredited distributor of Quincy air compressors, and have a rich catalogue for your review.

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