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Types of Quincy Air Compressor Warranties
Types of Quincy Air Compressor Warranties
August 02, 2017

Quincy air compressor purchases always have warranties alongside them. A warranty is in essence an insurance policy that can be charged against if the equipment purchased fails or undergoes break downs because of components bogging down. Depending on the compressor units purchased, the following are the examples of Quincy air compressor warranties.

Typical Quincy Air Compressor Warranty Types

  • Royal Blue Warranty. This warranty is attached to a Quincy air compressor, specifically the QAI and QGV models. This warranty has a life of 10 years for airends, five years for variable speed drives and drive motors as well as receivers, drive couplings and coolers. This warranty only needs registration and need not be paid for.
  • True Blue Warranty. This warranty is for QGS and QGD models. This warranty provides options to the purchaser, such as a five year extended warranty coverage of one year for basic compressors, five years for air ends, coolers, air fluid receivers and drive motors.
  • No Bull Extended Warranty Option. This Quincy air compressor warranty covers only purchases of compressors, allowing for an extended warranty on the compressor to two years and three years for the pump.
  • Blue Shield Extended Warranty. This Quincy air compressor warranty extends the factory warranty provided on the unit between three to five years. This offer only applies when genuine Quincy air compressor parts and fluids are used.
  • Ten Year Heat Exchanger Warranty. This Quincy air compressor warranty only applies to heat exchangers for 10 years from date of purchase. This is a free warranty applicable only to Quincy cycling, non-cycling and high temperature air dryers.

As can be seen, the Quincy air compressor has many options for warranties to help in extending its service life as well as provide incentives to buyers in their purchases. Finding the right warranty for the unit purchased is key to maximize the potential of this benefit for a Quincy air compressor.

I\'ve regretted not getting warranties before... wont make that mistake again!
Posted by: Shae | December 29, 2017, 8:28 am
Great informative read!
Posted by: Riley | August 25, 2017, 1:06 pm
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