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What to Look For in Your Next Air Compressor
What to Look For in Your Next Air Compressor
February 07, 2018

What to Look for in Your Next Air Compressor

Acquiring an air compressor is an investment. Before purchasing, any enterprise should consider a set of factors to ensure that the air compressor will suit any processes while the facility’s industrial systems are not compromised. One unit that is easily recognizable for reliability is the Quincy air compressor. Companies like Quincy provide only the highest quality in air compressors and parts, serving numerous industries throughout North America.


The Quincy air compressor can be an ideal choice in many scenarios, providing quality and reliability. When comparing units, here is what your business should keep in mind:


  • You should know what the operation needs. If your system requires a variable speed air compressor, you should get a unit with speed control. If the process needs a fixed drive system, consider only this type of air compressor.
  • Take time to evaluate your operation and see which one works for your system. A variable speed air compressor allows flexibility in your processes because you can slow down or speed up the compressor, but continuous use of variable speed compressors (at the highest setting) is not recommendable. A fixed speed air compressor is a switch on-and-off equipment that builds pressure based on your specifications. You can consider this type if the process doesn’t require any changes in compressor speed.
  • An air compressor should be as compact as possible. A smaller sized air compressor would fit better in an already established system as opposed to a bigger and bulkier air compressor. Minimal adjustments will be made when you install an air compressor with a smaller footprint. The Quincy air compressor has an advantage in system installations because of its size and flexibility.
  • An air compressor should be energy-efficient. Products that use minimal energy are not only good for your business in terms of saving electrical costs but it also helps the environment. An energy-efficient compressor maximizes power at the lowest possible level of energy consumptions.

Want to learn more about Quincy or their air compressors? Call or visit Air Energy today to speak with an expert!

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