Completely Custom, Mobile Engineered Solutions

Mobile Engineered Solutions, designed by GlobalVac & Air, comprise all the essential air compressors, accessories, and equipment you need for your application.
When you’re looking to expand your operation but have limited floor space, consider Mobile Engineered Solutions. These solutions can withstand all weather conditions and provide portability, making them a great option when you are short on space.

Benefits of a Mobile Engineered Solution

Standard Equipment

*May include additional equipment depending on application and specific requirements

Standard Sizing

*Can be built in additional sizes and configurations, but the above are standard

mobile engineered solutions

Weather-proof container can handle -40°F to 115°F temperatures

Heavy duty 12 gauge steel corrugated to increase durability 

Large doors on the unit for eas equipment access and maintenance

Wooden floors allow equipment to be secured to the floor

Large wall openings suitable for any type of compressor. No additional handling on site allows for easy transportation.

Enclosure HVAC with ambient temperature sensor helps maintain enclosure temperatures when the compressor is not in use

1” of industrial urethane foam insulation absorbs compressor noise and prevents condensation. Can be used in  -40°F to +120°F weather.

Dampers are thermostatically controlled to ensure proper interior temperature while compressor is in operation