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Quincy QSV Vacuum Pump

Quincy QSV Vacuum systems

The QSV variable drive vacuum pump is meticulously crafted to provide precise performance tailored to your specific requirements, all while minimizing life cycle costs. This makes it particularly well-suited for applications where maintaining a specific vacuum level (set point) is crucial.

  • Efficiency: The Quincy QSV stands out in terms of efficiency, surpassing other rotary screw pumps by consistently exceeding industry standards for input horsepower.
  • Life Cycle: QSV vacuum pumps are equipped with compressor duty bearings in a compressor service air end, enhancing product longevity and reducing maintenance costs over the life cycle.
  • Controls: Featuring a modulating inlet valve, the QSV offers dual functions by safeguarding the site vacuum level and achieving significant energy savings.
  • Packaging: The QSV vacuum pump packages are inclusive of complete electrical components, a base frame, filtration, and controls as standard. Starting the pump is a straightforward process – simply connect it to the system and plug it in.

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