Quincy QV - Air Energy

Quincy QV 1.5-10 hp Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Quincy QV Vacuum systems

The Quincy QV line encompasses vacuum pump models ranging from 1.5 hp to 10 hp, characterized by a compact yet powerful design. Tailored to address the needs of the most demanding applications, the QV series vacuum pumps ensure ample volumetric capacity. Each vacuum pump functions as a stand-alone supply system, offering the flexibility to be easily relocated as required. Moreover, the Quincy QV can be supplied individually or as part of a simplex, duplex, or triplex package, providing versatile solutions to various operational setups.

  • Integrated Valve: Prevents backflow by eliminating return air and lubricant into the pump, enhancing overall efficiency and reliability.
  • Cast-Iron, Precision-Machined Rotor: Equipped with non-metallic vanes, minimizing wear and contributing to an extended machine life.
  • Heavy-Duty Flange Adaptor: Ensures permanent motor alignment, enhancing the structural integrity of the system.
  • Discharge Check-Valve: Eliminates reverse flow, promoting consistent and reliable operation of the pump.

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